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One of the great aspects about the Sweetee group is its desire to succeed.   There is a vision amongst the group, as will always be the case when you harness the strengths of a number of highly respected producers who have a great sense of pride in their product.  Our growers' vision is based on their ability to identify and invest in the future to meet with consumer demands.   Knowing the strengths that each individual brings to the group and constantly evolving to the ever changing consumer market, we believe that the Sweetee Citrus group will become one of the major suppliers of citrus fruits not only domestically in Australia but also internationally.


A strong commitment to quality and food safety has seen Sweetee Citrus attain certification for SQF2000, Freshcare and HACCP across all packing facilities and farms.  Our growers are also at the forefront in environmentally sustainable farming practices.  All growers were industry leaders in the innovation of integrated  pest management some 40 years ago, and the drive to have the best quality product with the least impact on the  environment is still strong.  Our growers' orchards are geographically diverse,  thus allowing the supply of a wide range of early and late citrus varieites.  The orchards are all located approximately 4 hours North West of Brisbane, with the group currently growing over 800 Hectares with ample room for further expansion in the years to come.

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